Tips to revive and refocus your family research

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GFHS recently ran a very successful members helping members workshop, “Demolishing Brickwalls” where at least two members broke through a genealogical brickwall or two.

If you are looking for some further tips to revive and refocus your family research then checkout the short article written by the armchair genealogist, Lyn Palermo on her blog

Her ten tips are:
1. Take a Second or Third Look
2. Create a Timeline ( This tip is also a favourite of GFHS)
3. Seek out Original Records
4. Consider Collateral Lines ( this is a personal favourite of mine, as quite often the piece of information you are so desperately seeking will be contained in a siblings record/s when it is missing in your own ancestor’s)
5.Expand Your Knowledge (This is an absolute must and much easier to do if you follow tip number six)
6.Join a Genealogical Society (Family history societies like GFHS are a wealth of information and this will also help you to achieve tip number 5 and break through some of those brickwalls)
7.Walk Away
9. Take a Field Trip ( not all the information you are seeking will be online)
10.Invest in a DNA Test

Bonus tip: Consult a professional genealogist (When all else fails)


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