Memories of 2013

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Again September is conference time and Liz Kelly (President) attended, the conference was held at Albany, it was a fantastic turn out of Societies and general business was conducted with agusto. This is a great time to hear from other groups of there success’ and trials from the year. The time together is a great brain storming of Western Australia on behalf of all Genealogists.2013-09-14 13.34.23Mollie Berg  and Liz from Esperance

October saw members checking out the rules for the Society as we updated them, this brought great debate on where the Society is and understood.

Sanna Naider presented an interesting insight into family demographics we look forward to hearing more from Sanna

Finishing off 2013 with member, Jenny Mackay giving a  demonstration on using Google Earth for Genealogy. Moving around the  address given by some family member has now in some way become more attenable us all to see the places our ancestors lived and even worked.  You can work in the footsteps of there trip to work and imagine there journey to many other places they would have gone to throughout there lives.

You will however find that in some cases the address no longer exists but don’t be too disheartened by this have a look at the old maps and you may even find that some of the streets may remain but with different names.

Lets hope that you have all now gone back to the address’ and walked in there footsteps.

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GFHS busy year Geraldton Family History Soc. Inc. gain Lotterywest Grant for Computers

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