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GFHS busy year

Geraldton Family History Soc. Inc have had a very busy 2012 – 13 with the change of president in August 2012, Liz Kelly took on the role leading with the  – to promote further the Society and expand the number of member.

With this we saw fantastic workshops being projected and and numbers of attendees passing the expectations of the committee, which was wonderful to see and for all to be a part of.

Those workshops were the Beginners and later on in the year the follow up from the beginners, so we can all see and be part of the growing number of researcher in the community.

The Geraldton Family History Society Inc, also celebrated its 35th anniversary with speakers McDonald, who spoke on Grey’s journey and the lay out of the Midwest region in relation to the descriptions given at the time of his journey through the Midwest and Barbara Shields curator of the Chapman Valley Museum, Barbara many years back was also a member of the GFHS but as you may imagine the museum

Later on the Society held a writers workshop inviting Author Wendy Brown – ‘Who’s Charlie Brown” to Geraldton again this workshop was well received and the ideas from the group even amazed our author who I am sure will be visiting Geraldton again in the future.


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